Veterans Grove
Bedford County, Pennsylvania

The Vietnam War Monument

The Vietnam War Monument triangle was dedicated in September 2020. The stone marker features the names of Bedford County Veterans who died during that war and the triangle Honor Walk features those who served during the Vietnam War.

The statue is of Everett Medal of Honor recipient, Robert Hartsock and his Military Working Dog, Duke.  It was designed to focus attention to the stone marker which bears the names of those who died during the war (including his own).

Robert Hartsock is the only dog handler to ever receive the Medal of Honor.  He lost his life while saving the life of his commander, Larry Hughes.  Larry Hughes is featured below in the video, Farm Boys and the Medal of Honor. 

Thumbprints of vets who served during the Vietnam War are pressed into the base of the bronze, including 7 veterans who were not from Bedford County.  Look in front of Bob’s right foot.  Here are the thumbprints of Bob Hartsock’s Platoon mates…all members of the 44th Scout Dog Platoon.

Farmboys & the Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is rare. Fewer than 1000 were awarded in the last century, but 2 of those medals went to Everett boys, Ellis Weicht and Robert Hartsock. This video features the stories of these young men.