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The Vietnam War Monument

Placeholder image The Vietnam War Monument triangle was dedicated in September 2020. The stone marker features the names of Bedford County Veterans who died during that war and the triangle Honor Walk features those who served during Vietnam. In-country vets are marked with a Vietnam Service Medal. The statue is of Everett Medal of Honor recipient, Robert Hartsock and his Military Working Dog, Duke. He is focusing on the stone marker which bears his name and all the names of those who died during the war. Thumbprints of vets who served during the Vietnam War are pressed into the base of the bronze.

Honor Walk Bricks

Bedford County Pennsylvania -Vietnam Veteran Bricks

The brick triangle surrounding the monument will include the name and military service of Vietnam War Vets. Vietnam Service Medal recipients may also add their unit information.


Vietnam Veteran Brick Order Form

Robert Hartsock

Bedford County Pennsylvania - Vietnam War Monument

The monument features a bronze of Everett man, Robert Hartsock and his Military-Working-Dog, Duke. Robert is the only Dog Handler to ever receive the Medal Of Honor. His story is here: Farmboys and the Medal of Honor (check and correct previous spelling!) “Metal of Honor”

“Farmboys and the Medal of Honor”

Farmboys & the Medal of Honor


The Medal of Honor is rare. Fewer than 1000 were awarded in the last century, but 2 of those medals went to Everett boys, Ellis Weicht and Robert Hartsock. This video features the stories of these young men.

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Visitors to Bedford, PA can pay tribute to Bedford County veterans who served in the armed forces. Monuments to WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans have been built in Veterans Grove. The citizen effort to develop Veteran's Grove continues with construction of the new Veterans Walk.

Veterans' Grove • Bedford County, PA

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