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Veteran's Grove, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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One of every eight Americans served in uniform during WWII…more than 16 million. Over 5,000 Bedford County citizens served in uniform and, when the war was over, everyone did their best to get back to normal...getting on with their lives. Since everyone was so involved with the war effort, they never built a monument to themselves. Nearly 70 years after the end of the war…in 2014, Bedford County citizens built this WW2 Monument.

The WWII Monument on the dedication day, September 6th, 2014.

Wayne Hyde

The Artist

Before it was cast in bronze, the statue was sculpted in clay by Bedford County resident, Wayne Hyde.

Pressed in Clay

Pressed in Clay

The completed clay statue was opened to area WWII Veterans who were invited to place their thumb prints into the sculpture.

Preserved in Bronze

Preserved in Bronze

Look carefully in the bronze wall and surrounding stones. You’ll see those thumb prints.The completed clay statue was opened to area WWII Veterans who were invited to place their thumb prints into the sculpture.

A Message in Code

The Message

Look for the morse code message carved into the capstone. Click below for a cipher to use at the monument.

Morse Code

Bedford County Pennsylvania - WWII War - Killed in Action

Honoring the Fallen

Bedford County’s WWII Monument lists the names of 173 County veterans who died during WWII. Click the link below for a complete list of known Bedford County veterans who were killed in action.


The Honor Walk

The Honor Walk

The area surrounding the statue and pedestal is the WWII Honor Walk. Every named brick, (EXCEPT FOR ONE!) shows the name and service of area WWII Veterans.

Located in the Town Square in downtown Bedford.  

Bedford County, PA - Civil War Monument

Civil War

The only monument not within the confines of Veterans Grove, the Man on the Monument, or Bedford County Civil War Monument, is in the opposite quadrant facing east towards Gettysburg.  

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Bedford County, PA - WW1 Monument


The WWI Memorial Tablet was placed on the square on July 30, 1920. The memorial includes the elm tree which was planted one year earlier on April 25, 1919.

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Bedford County, PA - WWII Monument


Dedicated to the men and women of Bedford County who served during WWII, this monument features medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Ellis Weicht who was killed in action in Saint-Hippolyte, France in 1944.

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Bedford County, PA - Korean War Monument


Between 1950 and 1953 citizens from all over Bedford County answered the call to service. This monument was erected in 2016 as a tribute to the memories of those who served in the Forgotten War.

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Bedford County, PA - Vietnam War Monument


The Vietnam Veteran's memorial honors the men and woman of Bedford County who answerd the call.   Soon to be expanded,  it will include a bronze statue of Medal of Honor recipient, Robert Hartsock.

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Bedford County, PA - Veteran's Honor Walk

Veteran's Honor Walk

Soon to come, this honor walk will be open to any Bedford County veteran who wishes to be part of Veteran's Grove.  This path will honor all United States veterans in every conflict and time period.    

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